Here is a short video prepared by one of my clients after I ran a Gamification Design Sprint for them. I just love their enthusiasm and thank them for this thoughtful production!

Participant feedback on their sprint experience:

“I have attended a Design Sprint workshop by Google Ventures. This Gamification Design Sprint is a more refined version that is more effective in helping participants apply to real world problems.” Lam C. London.

“Excellent, lots of insight and tools. So much opportunity for problem solving in the corporate sector. Really well done!” Charles B. London.

“I was impressed with what the Gamification Design Sprint methodology delivered – a practical design process and speed of ideation and iteration. The interactivity and course materials were excellent.” Adrian V. Amsterdam.

“The course was so very good! I can implement everything straight away.” Larissa, A. Brazil.

“Marigo is very knowledgable and passionate, and she maintains so much energy over a 2-day workshop. I can apply everything I’ve learned. Amri B. Kuala Lumpur.

“The course was excellent. Very well done.” Muhammad H. Kuala Lumpur. 

“The best features of this course is a solid structure that I can pt in place straight away, and a set of tools that are very helpful to the creative process.” Rachel S. London.

“It was fun! The playbook helps me implement the techniques right away. The design cards are super helpful.” Kira D. London. 

“The best workshop I have attended in a very long time.” Charlie C. London.

“I love the process of creating ‘Tiny Games’. Who would have thought that exercise would lead me to solving a problem we had in our enterprise software platform!” Dan K. Sydney.

“Thank you for an amazing session. I’m trying to put what I’ve learned to good use.” Stephen C. Seattle.

“These tools were exactly what we needed to rethink how we do L&D in our organization.” Stephanie V. Chicago. 

“A great practical methodology that incorporates agile principles with game design for business problems. Love the Core Game Loop!” Tracey S. Chicago.




If you’re interested in running a Gamification Design Sprint, please let us know how we can help you:

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