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Strategy Direction & Systems Map

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The process starts with understanding your business challenge and the environment in which your business operates (or is looking to expand into). We take a systems view of business challenges. This means we target the cause of the problem, not the symptoms so you can develop a sustainable and effective solution.

Engaging Your Team

Gamification design sprint team work

On-boarding your team is critical to the process. We do a lot of work with engaging and consulting with your staff, customers or stakeholders before a sprint takes place. This phase is critical for us to develop an objective baseline of the issues surrounding the problem you are trying to solve. Just so you know – we have been known to not recommend a Gamification Design Sprint after this phase if we believe that it is a different solution that you need.

Designing Your Sprint Experience


Once we have completed our environment scan and stakeholder consultations, we’re good to go. The process is well designed with a wide range of different activities so it can generate a high level of engagement, participation and teamwork in the strategic design process.

Developing Practical Solutions



The activities are designed to develop a Minimum Viable Design, therefore the outputs of the sprint will be early prototypes that form the basis of ongoing research, testing, validation and iteration until the final product is developed and launched.

Building Your Internal Capability


The overwhelming response we get from participants is that the process not only solved what we had bought to the table during the initial sprint, but it had given them a process, an experience and a set of tools that they continued to use with their teams, customers and stakeholders on other projects.

Did We Mention Learning by Doing Through Play?

While our focus is on strategy development and strategic design, we understand the importance of meaningful games and playfulness to help in the process of opening up our innate potential of creative thinking and problem solving.

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