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We have a selection of exclusive tools that we have developed and use during our Gamification Design Sprint workshops that we are making available to the public. If you would like to make a large order please fill in the form below and let us know what you need.

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Gamification Design Sprint Starter Pack

This pack includes everything you need to run your own Gamification Design Sprint. It includes: a facilitators deck (150 slides), playbook (80 pages of templates), and one deck each of the Tiny Games cards (66 in the deck), Empathy cards (14 in the deck) and Core Strengths/Blockers cards (24 in the deck). Extra design cards can be purchased separately.


Tiny Game Ideation Cards

Tiny Game Cards have been developed to help you and your team with the rapid ideation process for gamification and playful design. The deck contains 66 cards: 15 gameplay, 15 technology, 15 game mechanics and 15 ethics cards. There are 5 wild cards and one instruction card. These cards will give you over 3,000 combinations of different ideas to help you rethink the design of your product, process or customer experience. [Product Specs: 90x55mm double sided, color, 350gsm matt, gloss cello both sides].


Empathy and Design Bias Cards

There are 12 A6 archetype cards in this deck and two instruction cards on how to develop a persona of your target audience and how to identify any design bias that you and your team may have. Empathy cards help start the process of identifying a profile of your target audience, or how we call it in our sprints – focusing on the ‘hero’ in the problem we are trying to solve. Human motivations, goals, values, personality and drivers are universal, and are commonly used in narrative, storytelling, communication and culture formation. [Product Specs: A6 double sided, color, 350gsm matt, gloss cello both sides].


Core Strengths and Blockers cards

This deck contains a set of 12 A7 core strengths cards (superpowers) and 12 A7 key blocker cards (anti-superpowers) including instructions on how to use them in problem solving, systems thinking and product/process redesign. This is a great human-factors approach we use to get to the root cause of a problem and build teamwork and insight around designing prototypes and solutions. These design cards work with the exisiting core strengths in your project team (we like to call them ‘superpowers’) so we can build or ‘amplify’ what is already working well. We then identify the blockers (or the anti-superpowers) to remove or better manage these obstacles. The great thing about using these design cards is that it ‘depersonalises’ the issues and challenges so we can find common ground in workable solutions. [Product Specs: A7 double sided, color, 350gsm matt, gloss cello both sides].


Gamification Design Sprint Playbook

The Gamification Design Playbook contains over 80 pages of practical exercises and templates that you can use in developing a fresh insight for a new or renewed product, service, or process in your organisation. The exercises follow the rigorous 9-step design process of our the Gamification Design Sprint and focus on interactive teamwork and co-design for you to develop your best ideas and prototypes.


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